3 Tips for Guest Blogging Through Writers Block

add-value-guest-blogIt happens to all of us.  We sit down at our computer with the intent of preparing our guest posts for the month ahead, and not one useful thought enters our head.  It’s moments like these when I find myself hopping from profile to profile on a social network of choice (whatever it may be at the time) looking for some miraculous inspiration to hit.  This is rarely effective.

Following are 3 tips to help you overcome the moments when a deadline is looming over you, causing a whole lot of nothing to happen in the creativity department.

1. Write Anyway

Just start writing.  It doesn’t even have to be about the topic at hand.  You can write about a dream, your day, even your lack of motivation.  Put your fingertips to the keys and pound out a few words about any topic that’s consuming your energy.  This will help in two ways.  First, it may help expel any worrisome thoughts that are overwhelming your concentration.  Second, it will get you started, which is often the only motivation you need.

2.  Google It

Let’s face it…  we aren’t writing about breakthroughs in science here.  Most likely, the topic on which you’re writing has been written about before.  Find an on-topic article that compels you in one direction or another and write about it.  How do you agree?  How do you disagree?  What would you do different?  Offer your own take on a common topic by spinning your originality into your writing.

3.  Ask Questions

Start your article with a little Q&A. You don’t have to follow through on this style through the entire post, but it will get your mind focused on the task at hand.  Write down a list of questions you want to answer in your article.  Hit on points that are useful to your reader.


Amy Powell, Editorial Team Leader, FizzNiche.com