Personality: The Secret Social Media Ingredient

social-media-iconsWhether you’re running a tight enterprise or promoting a solo project, social media is key for every entrepreneur’s success.  With varied platforms, completed profiles and consistent posting you may feel like you’ve got the recipe down.

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How To Balance Content Creation and Promotion

iStock_000005784424SmallThe art of content marketing takes a bit of trial and error to perfect as a whole.  What works for one website or demographic may not work the same for another.  Finding the right balance between creating your content and promoting your content is one of the key ingredients to determine what works best for you.

Our guest blogger, Thursday Bram from Hyper Modern Writing, shares with us a plan to help you find the right content marketing recipe that your clients will devour.

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Do Contests Really Work?

Pixmac000084370120Running contests on your blog or social networking pages is a promotional tool that’s all the rage.  From your favorite clothing line to your favorite snack food, there’s a contest out there to enter.  But, when is running a contest for your company the right move for you?  Our guest blogger, Ian Aronovich from Government Auctions, gives us a few pointers about contest success.


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How to Start a Conversation on Your Blog

content-for-your-websiteAdding blog posts to your company’s website is useful. But even better would be creating active conversations around those blog posts, giving you the opportunity to show your expertise and win over new customers.

That makes creating interaction and stimulating conversations a necessary part of planning new content for your blog. After all, you want posts that will spark ideas in your readers and drive them to respond.


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Spruce Up Your Company’s Blog and Interaction

Pixmac000084370120When you have a website and you want people to visit, you desperately scramble to think of all the ways you can coerce someone to land on your homepage. It’s a tough task, we admit that, but getting people to come to your site and actually interact is even tougher.

Before you run away saddened by the fact that it’s hard to acquire interaction on your website’s pages or blog, just know that others are dealing with the same degree of difficulty. To combat how challenging it is, we want to provide you with a few ways you can stimulate interaction and get people excited about your company’s blog on your website:

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Empowering Today’s Youth To Become Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

IMG_20130519_121737A few weeks back, my two sons got bit by the entrepreneurial bug. Big time. It was the first warm day of spring after a cold winter that seemed to drag on forever. The familiar sound of high-pitched carnival music was barely audible when my oldest son screams, “ICE CREAM MAAAAAAAN!”  Followed by, “MOM, CAN WE GET SOME?” To which I answered, “Do you have any money?”

From that moment on, both boys have been on a mission to earn extra money for ice cream in any way possible. They came up with the idea themselves to start a Lemonade Stand.  And so began their first business venture!

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Topic Ideas For Content For Your Website

Young man drinking coffee and working  on laptopOne of the most challenging aspects of blogging is coming up with new and interesting topics that are useful to your readers.  If you have ever tried adding a new article to your blog every day for a month, you know that by day 5 you begin to realize the weight of the challenge you’ve just given yourself.

Our guest blogger, Thursday Bram, shares with us her idea to help you generate content for your website.

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doris-ferresWe’re happy to announce the addition of another site to our client line-up!

NEW FIZZNICHE CLIENT: DR. DORIS A. FERRES and her talented team in Vero Beach, FL will work with you to achieve the healthiest and most attractive smile.  Dr. Doris Ferres is dedicated to patient satisfaction and offers a wide variety of dental services – from keeping your mouth healthy with regular check-ups and cleanings to cosmetic procedures for straighter, whiter teeth and reconstructive services to repair damaged or unhealthy teeth, gums and bites.

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The 7 Blogger Habits

content-for-your-websiteVenturing out of your comfort zone to try something new can be a bit intimidating.  Blogging is no different.  Adding a blog to your company website is opening up another avenue to expose yourself and your beliefs.  This type of exposure makes many of us nervous.

Our guest author, Derrick Hayes, offers us his words of encouragement.  Learn the 7 blogger habits that will set you up for a successful content marketing strategy.

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