Learn A Successful Guest Blogging Template

guest-blog-grow-audience“Content marketing” is no longer a buzz phrase within our industry.  It is a practice that, due to its effectiveness, has become mainstream.  You will find guest blog posts popping up from the biggest names on the internet, all the way down to the smallest.  Like any strategy, the guest blogging campaign has a right and a wrong way to produce results.  So, when developing your guest blog posts, be sure you understand the concept.

Learn how our guest blogger, Ian Aronovich from GovernmentAuctions.org, suggests you go about compiling your articles for a successful guest blogging experience.

Follow a Template

The key to conquering guest blogging blocks is to follow a template for each blog entry. For us, we make sure to have at least one of the following for any given query:

  • facts and legitimate information
  • stories or scenarios
  • in-depth opinion.

Of course, blogs are all different and what’s required for each blog depends on the subject matter and the purpose. However, all you need to do to keep producing content for any guest blogging opportunity is to follow a template and make sure you hit all the points that are required for each entry. One of the best and simplest ways to creating a successful blog post is to keep writing down each and every thought and then edit everything once you’re completely out of ideas. In the process, anything can be used as inspiration. Some people choose to draw on other literary sources, while others prefer to use personal experiences or knowledge.

Take this particular guest blog entry as an example. We make sure that we have a stance or opinion on this particular subject matter, which naturally applies in this case because we understand the nuances of guest blogging. When we decide to discuss our take on guest blogging, we follow our template for answering the query, which in this case involves legitimate information and our in-depth opinion found in the first paragraph. Afterwards, we fill the rest of the entry out with a story or scenario, which in this case is this paragraph.

Ian Aronovich, CEO and Cofounder, GovernmentAuctions.org

About the Author:  Ian Aronovich is the CEO of GovernmentAuctions.org, a site that compiles and provides information about government auctions of seized and surplus merchandise from all over the country.

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