Reporter Connection Stops Connections – We Have an Alternative

content-dev-guest-post-queryLast week, our editors went out on their typical hunt for content posting open calls here on FizzNiche and on a few other sites like Bill and Steve Harrison’s Reporter Connection. Unfortunately, when they reached Reporter Connection, they found that the Harrisons decided to stop offering their query service.

We were very disappointed! We loved the service and thought that they were doing a great job.

As much as we will miss their service – we have decided to jump in and fill the gap that we see and offer an alternative for those that were using Reporter Connection and those who have found that they aren’t able to use the HARO (aka Help a Reporter) news reporters list to find quotes, content and professional advice to build their articles, stories, books and blogs.

FizzNiche Now Accepts Queries

We’re now accepting queries for:

  • Guest blog posts
  • Articles
  • Interview requests
  • Quotes

In the past, our open calls for content were reserved for our own clients – but now, anyone working on an article, a story, a book, a blog or any other piece can tap into our growing list of professionals who are willing to share their expertise, advice and content.

Submit Your Queries

Ready to submit a query? Click here to get started!

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